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Erusta Law Office; founded in 2004 by Osman Erusta. The Law office is located in Merter. The basic principle of Erusta Law Office is to protect the rights of its clients in the best way and to resolve their legal problems quickly with its experienced staff specialized in their field. In the process of legal support to our clients, it conducts business follow-up meticulously and it is aimed to obtain effective and rapid results in the service provided without any loss of time. The Office also includes many lawyers, consultants with academic careers who are experts in their fields, and qualified people in various fields.

Due to our success in resolving complicated disputes with our experienced and expert staff, we have a fairly large client portfolio. Our office undertakes the lawsuits of many companies in commercial areas, and also personal cases. With its 17 years of experience, our law office serves in all areas.

Meet EHB (ELO) 's distinctive legal services!

  • It listens to its client not in words but in essence.
  • It identifies all the critical details related to the legal problem.
  • It appoints the best employees who can solve the problem.
  • If necessary, it resorts to the expertise of industry professionals.
  • It clearly sets out the risks, interests and costs involved in the solution path to be followed.
  • It overcomes the obstacles that arise quickly and decisively.
  • In its dialogues with the client, it prefers a lean language free of legal terminology.


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